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Zimná sezóna je vzhľadom na všetky okolnosti ukončená. Ďakujeme za vašu priazeň a prajeme veľa zdravia!

Predpredaj sezónnych skipasov na ZS 19/20

Ten deň je tu! Od pondelka 25.3.2019 si môžete predplatiť sezónny skipas priamo u nás v Infocentre na Pasekách alebo prostredníctvom nášho e-shopu.

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Spúšťame e-shop

Víkend je za dverami a pre nás to znamená, predstaviť Vám poslednú novinku, ktorú sme si pre Vás v zimnej sezóne 18/19 pripravili. Ták, poslednou novinkou je, že Vrátna už čoskoro spustí svoj e-shop!

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Predpredaj sezónnych skipasov

Predpredaj sezónnych skipasov začína pre našich milých lyžiarov od 7.11.2016 do 27.11.2016.

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Spring skiing on Chleb

Are you asking if it is possible to skiing or snowboarding in Vrátna? Yes it is! On Chleb you can find there from 60 to 100 centimeters of snow.

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Audi A3 for a weekend with full tank)

The chance to win new Audi A3 with full tank for whole weekend is over! We know the name of winner. From 14th of February to 14th of March you could take part in competition where you could win interesting car for a weekend.

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EVO Diesel Roadshow

This weekend was really nice weather and also it was ending and the beginning of spring holiday too. During all weekend was sunny weather, temperature was also friendly. Thanks to these conditions it was great time in Vrátna and the good mood was everywhere.

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Škoda Snow Show

It is one of our rule that after all of the event which we had in Vratna. We brought you some photo report. Today was day when you had possibilities to take part on event which called Škoda Snow Show. We should be thankful for snow. It was snowing a lot yesterday and that is the reason why we could enjoy this event.

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SNOW tour 2016 in Vrátna

Magazine SNOW came to Vratna during their tour on Slovakia. On Wednesday 17.02.2016 from 9:00 to 16:00 was possible to take part on this event. You could try every of the equipment for skiing and snowboarding for all day! You could find there some famous companies for example LEKI, Fischer, Smith and LEVEL. It was not be just about trying a thing.

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Valentin's party

This Sunday 14th of February was day with lot of fun, lot of love and also we organized some competition for a couples. The reason of this event is very simple. It was Valentin's day. We prepared for you this event because we wanted to celebrate this day with you.

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Snow skates Sled dogs first time on Slovakia!

The best riders on snow skates came to Slovakia. It was first time when this attraction was in Slovakia! We offered a few photos yesterday. It is good to say something about it. That is the reason why we offer you more photos from yesterday. It was very nice day in Vratna. Saturday like this can be called unique Saturday.

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Zimná sezóna je vzhľadom na všetky okolnosti ukončená. Ďakujeme za vašu priazeň a prajeme veľa zdravia!


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